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I always manage my nail polish rack and care for it more than I care for my nails. Nails make my hands look beautiful, but it’s only a nail polish rack that keeps my nail polish bottles safe and organized. You cannot trust a shoebox for this. I once put about 40 little bottles of nail polish in a shoebox and made it a point to arrange them as beautifully as I can. But as soon as I lifted the box, the lower lid could simply not handle the weight of the bottles and it break open. All I was left with was many dazzling colors losing their luster on the floor. If you have a collection of 100 nail polishes and 40 break this way, you would do nothing but cry and that is exactly what I did when I saw the mess. It was a collection I had been maintain since so long and within a split of a second, it all became equal to nothing. All thanks to a shoe box.

It was only then that I decided that a nail polish display rack is what I need. At exactly the same point, I bought some foam, some glue and lots of duct tape and made a polish display rack on my own. However, what happened again was a blunder. My little kitty was too fascinated with the rack and she found it better to play with the nail polish rack instead of the rubber duck! 🙂 So I had to keep a watch on her all the time. You know how difficult it is keep cats away from something that they love, especially when it’s in reach…

To the walls!

Wall polish racks have more utility and practicality when compared with other racks. The first point is that they are easier to use. As they mounted on the wall, they will be easier to look at and you will be able to find out which nail polish to wear when.

The second most important thing to keep in mind while opting for a wall point polish rack is that they should be sturdy. I have chosen a metallic rack because it stays at its place and it normally very durable. Plastic racks chip very soon. Make sure, you choose one of the better quality acrylic racks, if you decide to get one!

DIY Foam racks, if not made properly and without proper structural support, tend to break at some point or the other. If you have a kitty that is as mad about nail polish as I am, you better get some strong material or your whole collection will be spoiled in seconds. My kitty still tries to reach the wall polish rack; she reaches there sometimes but doesn’t do as much damage as she did to my floor polish rack.

One of the best wall racks:

Nail Polish Wall Rack (Metal Frame, Unbreakable)

Wall mounted racks certainly get one mark over the table display racks. Though it completely depends on your choice and the space management of your room, you should ensure that your polish display rack is safe and has some beautiful colors and patterns. A rack is often quite plain, so I have used a lot of floral stickers. I even used some textured paper over my old polish display rack to make it look even more beautiful.

It’s all about the time that you are ready to spend on your rack and how much you care about it. If you leave it just like that, you will only have a very ordinary one that looks quite bland. So, get your creative hat on and get started!!

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