Top 3 Best Nail Dryers for Nail Polish

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Alright, now here is something different. If you are like me, and have atleast one nail polish rack you probably paint your nails quite often.

Getting your nail paint dry depends on the type of nail polish you use. The gel nail polish lasts much longer than standard polish, about two weeks longer. Gel polish must be dried under a UV nail dryer (or CCFL or LED lamps) for a few minutes while a reaction to cure the gel polish occurs, while standard nail paints basicly dry themselves, you only need a bit of hot air.We will get back to UV dryers soon, but let’s look into the normal one.

Now usually girls go for the hair dryer, which is an obvious choice. But it also needs both of your hands, so you can’t text while drying! 🙂 There’s a better solution for that: nail dryers.

It’s a handy tool to incorporate in to your beauty routine.

Saves time, being able to quickly dry both hands at once in the comfort of your home, and money. Money saving, because you don’t have to get your nails redone due to the fact that, so many times before the polish is totally dry, we smudge, or  do worse to our manicures.

1. The Beauty: Seashell Portable Nail Dryer (Twin Pack) 

Okay, so this is my favourite. I came across this product on a Beauty Expo last January where a model was drying her nails backstage with two of these pink seashells.  The fans in these well designed little dryers are quite sufficient, and really blow people away by effortlessly producing results any manicurist would be proud of. Small (about four inches high, four inches long and 3 inches wide) and lightweight. It looks like a toy, but it’s ideal for home use. As it’s relatively small, it’s also great for traveling.

nail polish dryers

Twin Pack Nail Polish Dryers. Get them here.


  • Looks great
  • Small size
  • Not a pricey one


  • As it’s tiny it has a smaller fan too


2. The Cheap: HK White Nail Dryer Portable

A great choice for a nail dryer when you are drying your nails is the portable, compact, popular HK White Nail Dryer. It is good enough, and it’s cheap! People love being able to polish their nails and jet off to work with the confidence and clarity their nail dryer worked well at drying their nail polish. The fan works only when the user depresses on the device while comfortably resting their hand in the unit. This way the batteries will last longer, and the fan will too.

nail polish dryer

HK White Nail Dryer (Portable).Get it here.


  • Best price
  • Still portable
  • Easy to use


  • Build quality could be better
  • Looks a bit dull


3. The Professional: Belson P1013 Spa Single Hand Nail Dryer

A great choice for small salons or even for use at home. It has two settings: Cool for natural nails and Warm for acrylic nails. It’s also lightweight and portable.
Hand rest platform at the bottom could be a bit more ergonomic, but atleast it’s not slippery. Higher prices meens higher build quality and overall a better performance too.

professional nail polish dryer

Belson P1013 Spa Single Hand Nail Dryer. Get it here.


  • Fair price
  • Two heat settings
  • Still portable


  • Uses more electricity
  • A bit too large


+1. The Gift: Mini Cute Monkey Blower

Probably not the best solution for the problem, but it’s so cute 🙂 Ideal as gift for kids.

professional nail polish dryer

Mini Cute Monkey Blower. Get it here.

Take it from a seasoned nail polish applier and dryer herself, having a portable nail dryer or a dual drying system is most useful and time saving. There was a time a two when it was a life saving experience, being able to dry my nails on the fly. There is never any wasted nail polish, and the gloss is exactly like the models have on their nails in the magazine advertisements. Beautiful, glistening, and glossy, nails are exquisite and sophisticated which demand respect from men and women! The portable nail dryer is a convenient and a necessary nail dryer for yourself or the beauty conscious person in your life.

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5 Comments to Top 3 Best Nail Dryers for Nail Polish

  1. Angelica

    LOVE your share here, but I’m interested in learning how many minutes they take to dry. I want something lightening fast.

  2. Brenda

    I’d like to know the prices of these units. Have a comparison to show off here? Great pros-and-cons though.

    • Hector

      They do make commercial boot dryers is best to let them air dry. You could stuff newspapers in them and place them in heat source like a heater vent. If you want to put them in a drier, place several towels in the drier to cushion the shoes from banging. Use a low heat. However air drying is the best way to go. hope this helps

  3. Lydia Marie

    I agree the MONKEY dryer is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Hands down!

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