Nice to Have Remover Pads for Traveling

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Last week I went hiking with my kids and had a great time in the snowy forest. Despite the cold, we love to walk around and track the small footprints of different animals living there. But climbing, making snowballs, and taking care of the boys jackets sometimes ruins my nail paint. It really doesn’t bother me until we get in the car and drive back to town. I just don’t like to enter the store with my ruined nails, and a jug of acetone isn’t really part of our hiking gear. I’ve recently switched to nail polish remover pads
to see if they are any good as these pads really don’t take much space and you can just slip them into your pocket…


Despite the weather, we had a wonderful time.


I love to look down at a freshly painted set of nails. Painting them myself is always half of the fun so I rarely have them done professionally. This is a double edged sword because although it’s free for me to do the designs myself they very rarely last as long as a professional polish job because I don’t have quite the skills or proper technique that they do. There are several ways to get a long lasting nail polish, but since I consider painting as my hobby, I do like to grab some bottles from my polish rack and just start it all over again.

I especially like to paint my nails before flights. I’m not exactly sure why; maybe it’s calming before I head out on what can be a stressful trip or I just want to put my best hands forward wherever I’m going. The problem is, sometimes the beautiful polish job just doesn’t make it that far along in my journey.
Like many people without strong will power, I pick at my nails when I’m nervous. You would think that I would either learn to not paint them before I leave, or better yet not to pick at them when I do. Somehow the stress of waiting around for connecting flights or staring at a long, empty highway is just too much to handle.
So, in order to combat this terrible habit I’ve learned to pack nail polish remover whenever I travel. The cotton balls and jug of acetone aren’t well received in the airport and can spill in my bag so I prefer to bring the pre-moistened polish remover pads. They work well, are easy to transport, and erase the damage I’ve done to my nails in no time! I can arrive at my destination with clean, natural nails.

Nail Polish Remover Pads I recommend

I did try a few brands, and got stuck with Cutex quickly. The problem with nail polish remover pads is that they can get very messy. And sometimes you need to use up several pads to remove all the color. Cutex performs decently, you can probably find it in any store near to you, but there are also available on Amazon:

There’s also a non-acetone Cutex Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover from Cutex, but it’s not exactly the cheapest though it’s very strong. Usually one pad is enough for removing all 10 nail paints. It depends on the brand you use, for painting of course. I had no problems with Opi colors. I still have 2 boxes of these and I only use them if I’m traveling.

Any removers, that you would recommend? Please leave a comment, I’m ready to learn!! 🙂

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4 Comments to Nice to Have Remover Pads for Traveling

  1. Angelica

    When I travel on vacation with my boyfriend, these are fantastic for cleaning up in a pinch. Plus, they’re airplane friendly.

  2. Francis

    I love the fact that these removers are relatively inexpensive. Great for someone who wants to be fashionable and on a budget!

  3. Monica

    I need to find a great brand of these to pack. I wonder if they dry out, if you can add water to them to get them revitalized again.

  4. Portia Marie

    These pads come in handy at work too. You never know when you have to remove some polish… or paint off a wall!

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