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With wet nails the last thing you want to do is knock nail polish onto the carpet, or possibly even worse to smudge your nails in a fast grab to save the darn thing from tipping over! Nail polish holders grip tightly onto most nail polish bottles and can tip without falling so that you can have both of your hands free and know that everything in the area is safe from a major polish disaster. After some surfing on the internet, I came across some decent solutions.

I love painting my nails and I have a lot of bottles stored on my nail polish racks that I use fairly frequently. It’s a very relaxing hobby and receiving compliments on my colorful nails is always a nice side too. However, I hate that I have to lay down layers and layers of paper towels so that my desk is safe when I inevitably tip over a bottle. If I’m doing a multi-layer design I leave the caps off, or loose, so as not to chip any wet polish when I grab the next color. This makes it easier for painting but also inevitably more prone to spilling. With some nail polish holders you can keep all of your colors in a secure location. Plus, they’re so cheap that I can get a handful of them to keep all of my colors handy. There’s a small difference in the sizing so you can try different bottles with both of them.

They’re the perfect gift for any polish loving friend because they’re thoughtful but won’t break the bank.
However, one major concern for nail polish holders is the fact that nail polish bottles don’t come in universal sizes and shapes so not every bottle will fit every holder. Some holders have been designed with flexible silicone to fit the majority of bottle shapes but OPI in particular has a bottle shape that is difficult to match. The good news is, though, that the majority of bottles do fit and if you only have to be careful with one or two bottles you’re still better off!

Don’t let them fall over!
You can grab the two holders for a few dollars on Amazon.
The best deal is to grab this combination, since it includes both sizes.

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4 Comments to Handy Polish Holders

  1. Angelica

    OMG. These could be real handy when my hands are super occupied when I polish my nails. I like that.

  2. Miranda

    I want a super heavy weighted one that can work on any surface. A Christmas stocking stuffer, for sure!

  3. Monica

    I just try to risk balancing it on my table. Yes, high-risk nail painting… 🙂

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