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We all love nail polish. In fact there is no other thing that makes a girl or woman feel so stylish. We love the colors, the design and if you don’t judge me, I would like to tell you that I love the smell of freshly painted nails. They give me a different kind of confidence, a smell that says ‘you can do it honey’.

However when it comes to storing nail paints, it becomes a pain. A few years ago I have spent hours trying to give them a neat and organized look in my cupboard, but it didn’t work. Then I tried to store them all together in a shoebox when I first learnt about shoebox accounting. But with such an inspiration, it is difficult to keep using the same nail lacquers over and over again until you discover 20 more beautiful colors that have passed the expiry date. What a mess!

I have a collection of over 400 shades of nail polish (Yeah you must compliment me for that). I am a big fan of manicured nails with some trendy colors and unique nail art. So I bought a very cheap nail polish holder for myself. It firstly couldn’t handle all the bottles together and secondly broke and chipped. In the end, I had to resort to a shoe box. I did buy a good wall rack later, but I’ve also search for alternatives first:

DIY Nail Polish Racks on the Web

It was only after weeks of frustration that I realized there has to be something more beautiful and customized. With a few searches on the internet and watching a lot of YouTube videos, I came up with a few wonderful DIY nail polish rack ideas. The basics are the same. You need a foam board or a cardboard along with some duct tape, scissors, glue, knife, colors and of course a creative mind. I was amazed to see what others could do with these small and simple tools.

Here is an idea that you would love if you want a nail polish stash. Take a big card board, any size goes as long as it can handle the weight of the nail polish bottles. You can either go for one big stash or 2-3 small ones, each dedicated to a separate theme. I have 3 of them and they help me stay organized. One is for glittery nail paints ( I always have some of these Kleancolor paints ) , the other is for shimmer and shine and the last one is dedicated to nude pastel shades to comfort my lovely nails.

On the cardboard, draw appropriate lines that will be the basic diagram of your rack. You can also choose wood instead of cardboard or foam, as it is sturdier and lasts longer. However, this can take a little time, but it will be worth it in the end. Now you can cut a few smaller pieces of the cardboard/foam or wood and drill them into the first piece. If you are using foam or cardboard, use a lot of duct tape to provide support to the structure or it will fall off in a few minutes, spilling all your nail polish on the floor.

Check out this video for a simple foam board rack

Place a few more board pieces, colored as per your wish, parallel to the first board and paste it onto the lines of the cardboard pieces you just pasted. These will act as supports to the nail polish bottles so that they don’t fall down. They would also be improving the aesthetics of your nail polish holder. It will look great and you can even place your shampoo bottles on the top.

It is a great way to keep your nail paint collection organized and giving a colorful personal touch to it at the same time. You can use it as a wall rack or place it at a corner of your room. Anything works as long as it is creative. The two nail polish racks I made are still in a good condition after a few months. Though it’s far for something professional, it’s cheap and fun to build. Since then I’ve ordered an ubreakable nail polish rack, to keep my collection safe from my curious kitty. 😉

Pros and Cons of of building your own rack:


  • Well, it’s DIY 🙂 Lot’s of fun and creativity involved.
  • Cheapest solution of course.


  • Almost impossible to cover up all the small duck taped or glued parts and be truly precise (unless you have a plotter or similar tools), so you’re better off with wood or other, hard to craft materials.
  • More durable materials are harder to craft.

DIY Nail Polish Rack Idea
If you want more nail polish stash ideas visit the blog Keep Sitting Pretty to get a wooden nail paint rack idea with a nice tutorial.

Have fun!

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  1. Angelica

    Is there a smaller one for home use? I’d like to fine one with one or two racks… maybe 20 polishes?

  2. Diedre

    400 shades of nail polish? Call it overkill, no? But boy you could have every color imaginable.

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