Cute Nail Polish Shelf Made from an IKEA Spice Rack!

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What a lovely solution I’ve stumbled upon this weekend! DIY doesn’t always mean, you have to plan and build everything from scratch.
This one was originally posted by Jaana at This Mom”s Gonna Snap blog. She did a great job by transforming this IKEA spice rack to a colorful DIY nail polish rack.
Just look at this:


Tiny and cute nail polish racker made from a spice rack as seen on

I really like the way she used solid color for the painting. It’s very stylish and fresh looking. It can hold only 10-12 bottles of nail paint, but getting a few of these can actually replace a wall rack. Not to mention, that you could combine different colors and place them scattered on your walls.. It certainly takes more time though 😉

You can grab this little rack for a few dollars right here:

Polish racks made out of wood can be so much better than plastic. If you are a green thumb like me, you will probably consider this: unlike wood or metal, things made out of plastic are rarely biodegradable. Most of the racks on my Nail Polish Rack Guide are made out of tranparent plastic, but the ones I really love are all metalic.

But it depends on how you designed your house or flat. Wood always looks a bit bulkier, though you can make it look lighter with a proper coloring. The example above would look much heavier with a deeper red, it’s really playful and friendlier with this color. If you’re brave enough, you can try to fix this one with glue on the wall, as it’s very lightweight.

The best way to make use of this racker is to buy a few more of them and arrange all your nail polish colors and tones based on the holder itself. It’s quite easy to fill on rack with 10-12 tones of red nail polish and getting all your paints sorted is always the biggest challenge.

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