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The problem with nail paints is that they make our dressing tables look a little messier. We try to keep those polishes in drawers, in bags or make space in cupboards but will usually end up in making a clutter. Organizing and placing them at one place is a torturous job. On the other hand, things are much easier if you have a decent polish rack.
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nail paint bottles

What a mess!

Let us have a look at the wonders a nail polish rack can do for us:

  • First of all, ask any girl and she will agree that nail polishes are essential beauty products. Those with quality are not inexpensive. Hence, instead of muddling them up everywhere in the house, do treat them with care. This is where the advantage of having a nail polish holder comes to the fore. With these holders you can easily organize your nail polish collection at one place.
Metalic Nail Polish Rack

Metalic Nail Polish Display Rack seen on Flickr © by Fidelio

  • More often than not nail polish containers are susceptible to breakage. They are made of glass and hence once dropped means they are gone forever. In that case you will have to buy the same shade again. However, with a nail polish rack, these little nail paint bottles will be stored safely in their own sections.
  • If you have a nail paint holder at home, you will notice that you are able save a great deal of time. How? Since you have arranged the nail paints in your nail paint shelf, you won’t have to search for a particular shade in your purses or drawers or wardrobes. Women often tend to misplace nail polishes. They have a hard time remembering the place where they kept the bottles the last time after use. Thus, this will never be the case if you have nail polish racks at home.
  • Having a polish racker means avoiding unnecessary spillage of the nail polishes. Also, many a times these containers have a propensity of getting leaked. If you have kept a nail polish container inside your favorite Chanel bag, and unfortunately it starts leaking, then nothing can be worse. A wasted nail polish may be bought again but buying a branded bag again and again is definitely heart wrenching.
  • Further, we know how useful it is to keep a nail polish assortment at home. These are functional yet they can be used for decorating your home too. These come in many designs and shapes. It may sound astonishing but many women do buy these racks to accent their washroom or bedroom décor. A collection of many nail polishes at one place surely looks magnificent and makes for a vibrant display.

Now that you have come to know about the various benefits of having a nail polish rack, you don’t have a reason not to get one. If you are the usual girly delicate princess, then you should definitely think about shopping a nail polishing storage. Gone are the days when you would see these racks only at beauty salons. They are very much available for personal possessions. All you have to do is go to the market and buy the one that best suits your needs. I’ll be putting up some links with good examples on this site as well.

Just like nail paints, these nail polishing racks come in various shapes, materials and sizes. Based on their purposes, we can classify them as follows:

  • Nail Polish Wall Rack – This one is very common. This type of wall rack can be helpful when you have lots of nail polishes but would want to showcase only the best ones. Most of these can hold up to 100 bottles. This a very practical purchase because you can use these racks to organize nail paints with diverse sizes.

90 Bottles Nail Polish Wall Rack

  • Spiral Nail Polish Holder – Nail polishes can be arranged one behind the other. These look stylish yet help you solve your purpose. However, you must organize different shades of similar color near each other. In this way, you will be able to choose the right nail paint color with much ease.
  • Portable holders – Did you ever wish to carry loads of nail paints while you are travelling? But couldn’t do so because it is not that easy? With a portable nail polish holding kit you may carry your favorite nail lacquers whenever you are out on a beauty fair. These kits allow you to keep your nail paints in a neat and orderly manner. Also, they provide protection to these bottles so that they do not get damaged while you are on journey.

9.25 inch 2-Tier Portable Nail Polish Case

  • Nail Polish Table Rack Display – It certainly takes away a lot of space, especially if you have a messy little dressing table like mine. But it’s probably the most comfortable solution, as it sits right next to you! These can be placed over your dressing tables, counter tops or even nightstands. Tiered racks also come in small size as well as in large size. You can accommodate as many containers as you want. At the same time, you may opt for the smaller ones so that it may not occupy too much of space.

Apart from these, there are small nail polishing racks as well as the larger ones. Look whether the former or the latter will be best for you. Further, you may like to buy smaller ones and allot each rack with various shades of a single color. Besides being purposeful, it will also look stylish and chic.

Also, do make a note of this that some of the nail polish holders are custom made for particular brands of nail polishes. Therefore, before you buy a rack, make sure that your nail lacquer containers would be able to fit in it. If you are going to buy a nail polish rack online, make it a point to ask the vendor about it. Buy it only when they will assure you that their holder is suitable for all containers. Or else you may wind up buying the one where your bottles won’t fit.

If, however, you can’t buy a nail polish racker, then don’t worry! How about creating one yourself? Internet is the place where you can search for various DIY projects to make a nail paint shelf on your own. These are very simple to make and would not require much of your money. Moreover, the time and efforts you put in will be way lesser than what you will spend in managing your nail paints without racks. For the purpose of making it at home, ask for your friend’s help if need be. Use your creativity in every possible manner and come up with really innovative ideas.

On the whole, having a nail polish racker is a great investment for any woman. Whether you are a teenager or a busy working woman, the benefits of these holders are just impeccable. If you don’t have this yet, add it to your shopping list. For they say, when it comes to shopping, it is never too late to buy your most desired products. So, what are you waiting for? Clean up all the mess at home by spending on a nail polish racker. For every woman, this is the need of the day.

Here’s a comparison list of rackers, you might want to consider getting. Hence, choose the one that is suitable as per your needs and buy one for your own good.

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